Meaco 10L Review

Our Verdict:

The Meaco 10L is small and powerful and represents an entry level model by Meaco. It will operate effectively in homes of up to 3 bedrooms (making it ideal for small homes and flats), helping to keep condensation and mould at bay. In this review we’ll examine it’s performance and how it operates to help discover why this unit is so popular.

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The Meaco Small Home Dehumidifer 10L – An Overview

meaco-rearWhen Meaco say this dehumidifier is small they mean it! It measures in at 18.6cm x 29.6cm x 48.3cm making it ideal if you want a small unit which is discrete or if you do not have much room and don’t want to bulky dehumidifier taking up valuable space. This also means it is relatively light which will make it much more easily mobile than its larger counterparts.

Despite it’s compact dimensions it still offers up some exceptional performance. It can still collect an impressive 10 litres of water (collected over 24 hours) and is even supplied with a hose so you can connect it directly to a sink or drain for continuous drainage, which means you won’t need to empty the tank at all. This is particularly handy because the tank itself can only contain about 2.5 litres so in excessively damp conditions it will need emptying quite frequently.

We mentioned at the start of this review that this unit is suitable for homes with up to 3 bedrooms. However, this is based on the assumption that you it is to be used across a whole home, although given its power it would be fine to use in single large rooms/flats particularly if you want to remove damp spots and condensation from your windows or even to help dry your clothes.

Simple Control Panel

meaco-topThe top of the unit features a simple control panel that has a variety of settings that will allow you to configure how the dehumidifier operates. You can choose from ‘dry washing’, ‘max’, ‘reg’ and ‘min’. The dry washing setting is pretty much self explanatory and the manual recommends that you do not use the ‘min’ setting as it is not really powerful enough to correct any higher levels of humidity. The ‘reg’ and ‘max’ settings are the preferred general, day-to-day settings. To further help save money the unit will automatically switch itself off when the tank is full or the humidity drops below a certain threshold thanks to its inbuilt humiditstat.

Quiet Operation

It is pretty much a fact that most dehumidifiers can be noisy beasts to say the least. But with a reduction in size has come a reduction in noise – the Meaco 10L is very quiet at only 43dBA. By using a different kind of efficient rotary compressor, and by making sure the design has been engineered to reduce as much noise as possible, this has made this particular dehumidifier much quieter than most other entry level units.

The Verdict?

meaco-sideIt’s compact size and impressive performance help make sure this mini-dehumidifier packs a punch. Not only that but its entry level price are sure to fit most peoples pockets who need the power of a refrigerant dehumidifier without the bulk that most units of this type bring. We think this is an impressive unit that is sure to please and has the reviews to back it up.

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