About Us

Welcome to DehumidifierReviewsHQ.co.uk. We’re an independent website dedicated to bringing you the most comprehensive range of dehumidifiers and damp fighting accessories from around the internet, in one place. We’ve searched, researched, tested and reviewed as many dehumidifiers as possible to bring together some of the best value units available – that we think anyone wanting to tackle damp and mould in their home should know about.

Our Experience

The people behind this site have been unfortunate enough to live in more than a few homes over the years that suffered from damp and mould problems. As such, we have tried and tested a lot of solutions to tackle these persistent problems. This has given us a wealth of experience and first-hand knowledge.

We have also owned and tested a lot of dehumidifiers over the years and been fortunate enough to forge relationships will several dehumidifiers manufacturers, including UK firm Meaco. This has helped further expand our knowledge and has allowed us to get access to a great range of units to test hands-on. However, this never colours our opinion, you’ll always read our honest opinion and we’d never recommend units we wouldn’t use ourselves.

All-in-all, you’ll be unlikely to find another site with the first-hand experience we have and share with you here.

What kind of dehumidifiers do we write about?

Some of the dehumidifiers we cover are ideal for use in small house and flats and some are more suitable for heavier use or dealing with damp not just in the home but also on building sites or industrial units. We have also tried to cover a range that would suit every budget and need.

You can also find handy items to tackle light-damp and mould quickly such as moisture traps and effective mould sprays. One thing they all have in common is that you’ll be unlikely to find a more varied collection of dehumidifiers and accessories collected conveniently in any other site.