Meaco 25L Dehumidryer Review

Our Verdict:


Over the past few months UK company Meaco have rolled out a number of refined, highly effective and economical dehumidifiers and made huge advancements in dehumidifier efficiency and running costs.

The Meaco 25L ‘Dehumidryer’ is part of this new, improved range and represents the latest in their ‘Platinum’ line. It has been specifically designed to offer a viable, economical alternative to using a tumble-dryer to dry your washing. But, this doesn’t mean this device isn’t just at home when dealing with damp, mould and condensation. It can still deal with all the common humidity problems homes have.

It comes packed with money saving technology which allows this device to not only be hugely effective but also incredibly economical to run. But what makes this device so special? And, how effective could it be in your home? We tested to 25L Dehumidryer to find out exactly what it could do.

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Dehumidryer Overview

Gone are the bland boring boxes of recent years which typified the look of dehumidifiers. This device has a stylish ‘edge’ featuring soft curves and gently defined ridges on its white and silver grey case. Giving it an incredibly modern appearance that is sure to look great in any home.

Whilst appearance might seem an odd consideration for a dehumidifier if you use one a lot in your home its always better to have something which looks ‘good’ and doesn’t look like it belongs in a factory. Especially if you plan on using your dehumidifier regularly and need it placed in a room which you spend a lot of time in.

dehumidryer-homeJust like the Meaco’s impressive Zambezi dehumidifier this unit is also incredibly powerful and can extract up to 26.4 litres of water from your home over a 24 hour period (based on 30°c;C at 80% relative humidity). Although you are very unlikely to need to extract this much water from your home in one day it does show just how powerful the Dehumidryer is and how quickly it should be able to deal with damp and condensation problems.

With this increase in power comes an increase in size and this unit weighs in at a very hefty 15Kgs and measures 28.7cm deep by 37.8cm wide and 64.4cm high. This makes is one of the heaviest we’ve tested.

However, Meaco have helped make moving this device between rooms easy thanks to its pre-fitted easy-roll castors and sturdy recessed carry handle. We did initially worry that the recessed handle would make this device a little difficult to lift, opposed to using the folding carry handle as seen on some other Meaco dehumidifiers. However Meaco have made an improvement here too. The handle features an upward curve which allows you to get a firm grip for lifting – making it much easier to lift when compared to some Ebac units we’ve tested which feature a similar handle.

25l-carry-handleThe base of the unit is home to this devices very capacious 5 litre water collection tank. We were comfortably able to leave this device running for almost two days (whilst drying several loads of washing) without needing to empty it. You can also see just how full the tank it at a glance thanks viewing window which is mounted on the front, right hand side of the tank.

When it came to emptying the tank a recessed grip allowed us to easily pull the tank out for emptying. On top of the tank a collapsing carry handle makes carrying and emptying (without worrying about spillages) a breeze.

How To Use It:


The first thing which draws your eye on the 25L is the impressively large and easy to read control panel. It may appear a little intimidating at first, however it is very simple to use. The panel is touch sensitive and a gentle press on the power icon brings the 25L to life. Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of the more prominent controls in turn…

The Mode Button


The Current Mode Can Be Easily Seen On The 25L’s Large LCD Display

Shown as a capital ‘M’ on the panel, pressing this button repeatedly will cycle through each of the 25L’s four distinct modes.

The first is humidistat mode. This is shown on the display a water drop and allows you to set the target humidity of your home in 5% increments ranging between 30% and 80% RH.

Laundry Mode: as the name suggests this feature specifically configures the machine to run at optimum performance for drying laundry fast and efficiently. In this mode the fan speed reaches its highest 4th setting to produce a torrent of good airflow which will help reduce drying times considerably (more on this below in our test results).

Finally we reach the ‘Auto’ mode. This represents the pinnacle of truly smart technology in the home and has allowed Meaco to make the 25L a genuinely ‘hands-off’ dehumidifier. Whilst in Auto mode the device will keep an eye on the surrounding humidity levels and cycle between high and low fan speeds and actively drawing humidity from the air or not. Essentially what this means is the unit will only be operating harder when required, this will ultimately save money on the running costs. It is important to note that this feature has several stages where the power is lowered and increased gradually – and it is not simply an ‘all or nothing’ switch between operating on ‘high’ and ‘low’. This keeps the dehumidifier as effective as it needs to be and represents a perfect balance between power and economy.

The best part is that a single button press is all that is required to activate this mode.

The Timer Button

No good dehumidifier is without a timer button and the Dehumidryer does not disappoint here either. The timer will allow the machine to run for a time you specify before automatically switching itself off.

You can set the timer to run between 1 and 12 hours and the advantages are obvious; because it allows you to run the dehumidifier for a few hours whilst you are at work or in bed without running continuously. The end result is a nifty little feature which can save you money.

The Fan Speed

Using this button you can choose between one of the 3 fan speeds available whilst the device is in humidistat mode with the 4th fan speed setting reserved exclusively for laundry mode. The fan speed plays a significant role in the noise the dehumidifier produces and this fine tuning will give you a boost of performance when you need it (high fan speed) and make the unit quieter when you don’t (lower fan speed).

The remaining controls allow you to set everything from the automatically swinging lourve to give a wide spread of direct blasts of air from the machine to handy child locks, which stop small fingers from adjusting the settings.

DC Motor

Inside this unit you’ll find a powerful DC motor. Including this was an ingenious move on Meaco’s part and this is sure to be copied by other manufacturers in years to come. The reason for this is simple: the harder your work a DC motor the less energy it uses. You may want to read that again!

But it is one the key reasons why the 25L is so economical to run. Because when it you need it to work hard to dry laundry or deal with problem damp this amazing little unit will be working hard to not only lower the humidity but also to save you money.

Our Test

dehumidryer-washingBecause the Dehumidryer has been specifically designed with features to help dry washing this seemed an obvious first test.

Meaco recommends that you place the 25L in a small room with the doors and windows closed and place the unit next to the washing with so that the dry air can hit as large an area of the washing as possible – which is exactly what we did!

The first thing we noticed was just how powerful the airflow coming from the 25L was. This is thanks to its 4th fan speed setting and we could see the washing moving just as it would as if it were outside in a breeze. After the first hour the thinner clothes which were closest to the airflow were getting pretty much dry and we could feel that the thicker clothes (such as jeans) were also starting to dry.


The 25L dries washing fast thanks, in part, to the powerful airflow generated through its top vent.

At the end of our test which took around 5-6 hours most of the washing was dry and, most importantly, it smelt fresh. You’ve probably experienced the problem of drying washing indoors where it can sometimes smell because there is not enough airflow and the clothes get a slightly musty odour. The 25L totally eliminated this problem and performed incredibly well. What’s even more remarkable was that it did this whilst being consuming only 270watts per hour – making it the most energy efficient 25litre dehumidifier available in the UK today.

Our final test was more of a standard test where we placed the unit in our bathroom after showering to test how it worked in humid environments. The Dehumidryer excelled here too – although we already pretty much knew it would. Within 30 minutes the condensation on the walls and windows was completely gone. This again is down to the powerful water extraction rate of the unit and its powerful airflow.

Meaco 25L Dehumidryer: What we think

The Meaco 25L Dehumidryer is an excellent performer which is packed with money saving technology and really shows Meaco’s commitment to improving and releasing the best dehumidifiers available in the domestic market.

And, whilst this device is a little on the heavy side (which is not surprising for one in its class) it is a superb performer and should suit anyone who wants to keep damp at bay (or dry their washing!) in anything from a small flats to medium-large 5 bedroom homes.