You could call this dehumidifier the ‘big brother’ of the EcoAir DD122 simple. Despite the fact this dehumidifier has the name ‘classic’ in it’s title, it is in fact the next model up from the Simple and features some worthwhile improvements. The most notable of which is that the EcoAir DD122fw MK5 classic sports an impressive electronic ‘touch’ control panel (over the Simple’s analogue dials). It also features an ionizer function to filter and clean the air as it removes moisture.

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EcoAir DD122fw – Performance & Features

DD122-3D-LouvreSo how does the EcoAir Classic compare to other devices? Well, to start with the DD122fw can suck up to 7 litres of water out of the air every day. It also features EcoAir’s 3D Louvre technology to focus airflow into tight spots or over wide areas to help deal with problem damps spots or quickly dry entire rooms. And, because it is a desiccant dehumidifier, it also comes with the advantage of comfortably operating in very low to high temperatures.

In fact in can operate right down to 1 degree Celsius and right up to 40 degrees Celsius. This is a huge temperature range and is perfectly suited for the UK climate. To put this in perspective this dehumidifier would comfortably continue operating inside the colder temperatures of your fridge! This is something even the most expensive refrigerant dehumidifiers cannot do. Their performance begins to decline at around 8 degrees and at 1 degree most would become entirely ineffective.

ecoair-dd122-carry-handleThe Mk5 Classic is also very light weight at around 6kg. This should make it easy for most people to move around as required and also makes it ideal if you need to move it between the garage and your home, for example. The top also features a dedicated carry handle that can be folded flat when not in use. This makes carrying this device very easy, especially when compared to those devices which only provide indented hand grips to use when moving the unit.

Emptying the water tank is also a simple process. It very easily slides our of the side of the unit and features a convenient popup handle for easy carrying. The tank also comes complete with a handy cover – so you won’t need to worry about spilling any water whilst you’re on your way to empty it. The cover simply pops off and the water can be emptied out.

water-tankOne tip that is often overlooked is to wait for all of the water to drain from the device and into the tank before emptying. This stops small puddles of water from being deposited inside the machine. Typically it will only take around 10 minutes for the water to drain completely.

And for those of you who do not want to worry about emptying the tank there is a continuous drainage option. Around the back of the machine is a small knockout, removing this will divert the collected water to drain from this hole. A supplied drainage hose connects to this hole so you can safely direct the water down your sink. Remember that the hose must be kept at a downward slope below the level of the hole to allow the water to drain. Most people place the unit on their kitchen worktops and allow the hose to drain into their sinks – this keeps the slop required and allows you to take advantage of the continuous drainage option.



The DD122 Mk5 features a comprehensive control panel, providing a number of settings to help you fine tune the operation of the dehumidifier to fit your exact needs – with extra settings to help purify (in addition to drying) the air. When compared to some of the other dehumidifier reviews we’ve written in the past the DD122 MK5 certainly leaves a lot of other devices in the shade when it comes its functionality.

A series of indication lights and 6 control buttons make up the panel. This makes up an impressive array of features, but do you need all this functionality? Let’s take a look at what each one does and just how helpful these features are:

  1. Power button – no explanation needed for this one!
  2. dry-buttonDry Modethis button selects the desired humidity level the machine will attempt to reach. The ‘Dry modes’ are separated into distinct boundaries of between 50-60% relative humidity (RH) in ‘Economy mode’ and 40-45% RH in ‘High mode’.

    Running in slightly smaller, contiguous boundaries would perhaps been more preferable. But, EcoAir have clearly gone for simplicity here which is a huge advantage for virtually all users; and have only provided the most frequently used humidity boundaries needed in the home. The selected boundaries will help with fast drying of excess damp/humidity in high mode and then keep your home at the most comfortable level in economy mode.

    A third and final dry mode automatically switches between high and economy mode, and is designed to keep the home at approximately 50-60% RH.

  3. laundry-buttonLaundry mode – a popular use for most dehumidifiers and a cost effective way to help dry laundry in the home when the weather is inclement. So much so that EcoAir has included two very convenient settings to help do this job: a normal and a turbo mode. Normal mode is ideal for use in the summer months when it is not possible to always dry washing outside and turbo is designed for the winter months when it is virtually impossible to ever dry washing outside! The turbo mode can also be used to help quickly dry very damp rooms – further increasing the versatility of this device.
  4. ecoair-louvre-1Swing modethe swing mode adjusts the louvre on the dehumidifier allowing you to direct where you want the warm, dry to air to flow. With this, you can direct the air to damps spots or even towards your washing to help it dry faster. Currently you can set the lourve in the following ways:
    1. To swing upwards in covering a range of 100 degrees.
    2. To eject the air outwards from the front of the unit in a 50 degree arc (perfect for drying washing in our opinion!)
    3. To swing in a wide range of 150 degrees.


  5. timer-buttonTimer a common feature with most dehumidifiers is the timer function. This is fantastic if you need to set it switch off whilst you are at work or out for the day. Giving you complete control over the daily running costs. The DD122fw allows you to run the machine for 2, 4 or 8 hours on the timer.
  6. ionizer-buttonIoniserwhen this setting is turned on negative ions are emitted from the air outlet, purifying the air. This is becoming a more common feature on dehumidifiers, so it’s great to see that one is included here. Negative ions have what is called a ‘normalizing’ effect on our bodies and helps provide the most ideal conditions for help with breathing problems and relaxation.

As you can see this model certainly comes with a lot of features, giving you the ability to fine tune the device or use it straight from the box with little intervention.

Whilst some of the features might be a bit beyond what most people might use, the range of features will prove beneficial in some way for most people. For example, if you’re an asthma sufferer you’re sure to find the Ioniser helpful and if you have no room to dry your washing outside then the Laundry mode is sure to help. We’re sure this is why EcoAir have put the variety of this features into the device so they can appeal to a wider spread of the market.

indication-lightsFollowing on from the controls are two simple, indication or ‘check’ lights.

The light to left indicates when the water tank is full and the light to the right will illuminate when a general fault has occurred. The most typical reasons this light will glow is because the machine is too hot or the filter needs cleaning. In most cases simply cleaning the filter and leaving the machine off for around 30 minutes is enough to get it back up and running again.

What you should know about the EcoAir DD122fw

Zeolite is the name of the material that absorbs the water in this device. It is a naturally occurring substance that comes with one or two quirks that might surprise any new owners of this device.

The first is that it can, when new, produce an usual odor. Most people describe this as smelling a little bit like something is burning or as a sour odour. This is normal and nothing to be worried about. It does quickly subside and the smell is harmless.

The second quirk of Zeolite is that is will absorb any smells in your home along with excess moisture. So, if you’re a smoker or use the dehumidifier in your kitchen don’t be surprised if it emits those smells when it is next turned on. Fortunately though this, again, is nothing is be concerned about and is harmless.

Two slightly unusual oddities, but worth mentioning because they can lead some owners to incorrectly assume their dehumidifier is broken!

What we think about the EcoAir DD122fw

The EcoAir DD122fw MK5 Classic is clearly a well thought out and powerful device. It offers an impressive array of benefits and allows the user to fine tune its operation without being intimidating to use. It’s performance range is impressive and can function fine in almost any environment it is needed – from almost freezing winter conditions to the hottest summer days. It is light weight and easily portable with its convenient folding carry handle. It is a great all-rounder and is sure to meet virtually anyone’s needs.

It is clear to see why this dehumidifier is one of the UK’s favourites and is used and trusted by thousands of people.

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